Picking Up Women Online

Once in a while surfing for porn and without the interaction can get boring so we created this guide for you, our xxxsubmit readers as a breakaway from the typical.

Online Dating

So you signed up for an online web dating service or cam girl site. You whipped out your credit card, filled in the painstaking forms and now you’re ready. What’s next?

Well, now comes the hard part. The communication on the interwebs. There are so many girls to choose from, I mean look at the list of girls just waiting to be ‘had.’ If you’re on a web cam site you can search from blondes, brunettes, Asians, and even transsexuals if that’s your thing. But these girls are really just in it for the money, however a vast majority are single and if you can find one in your hometown then you might be I luck. cam-dating

What Site do I Choose?

For regular dating sites though, the competition is fierce. Take for example If you have ever been on that site chances are your response rate from the chicks is low. It’s either because they are just not interested or just too overwhelmed by the responses the get each day. I have heard some of the upper tier girls can get over 100 messages a day. How can they keep up?

If you really want a response, you need to look at the paid membership sites. This is because there are less men. If cam sites are your thing for just a quick interaction, top adult resources: the 10 best webcam chat sites online will guide you to a pretty good idea of what the best cam sites are to find a chick. If looking to find something long term, you’ve probably seen the ads – has some real women on there that are serious.

Tips For You Guys


Your best approach when trying to bag a chick online is to treat the entire thing like an interview process. You are the boss looking for an employee. I know that sounds a bit strange but believe me this works. They will feel compelled to answer you because it shows you are interested in knowing about them. Most people like to talk about themselves so you will garner the interest quick. At the same time, they will be evaluating you, based on your responses.

What Questions Should I ask?

We’ve compiled a list below, now don’t ask them all, just mix and match.

  • What do you want out of your career?
  • Favorite food?
  • How important is money to you?
  • Who’s your favourite actor and why?
  • How important is your family to you?
  • Have you ever been convicted?
  • Does love at first sight exist?

online-datingIn Short

So there you have it. Whether you like to troll cam sites or online dating sites to talk to girls, the options are almost endless. Find a reputable site, we already mentioned a few here in this article.

Don’t stress over rejection while dating online. And remember, the cam girls are getting PAID to be nice to you, the girls on dating sites are not. Remember the distinction. Either way, show respect. Whether she’s a cam girl or not, it will get you farther.

big tits cam

Big Tit Cams

Big Tit cams

The bigger the boobs of a woman are, the better it is for the pleasure of men. Men simply love and covet women who have big tits. But in the present times, not all boobs are naturally gifted. Many of the girls on the Big Tit cams that you have watched might have had artificial implants made up of silicone instead of having breasts. But there are of course different cam sites where you will get all the latest news regarding porn stars who have the biggest of tits and have flashed them on screen fake or not.


If the woman has very big boobs, then those will be even more highlighted, if they have a very slim figure to flaunt. The slender waists and monstrous boobs will make them go mad in sexual pleasure and make them want to grab them and caress them. All these are quite evident from the different cams which have girls with very big tits. It’s hard to keep control. Some may find the combination of big jugs and small waists a bit unnatural, whereas other will enjoy both all the same. Some of the porn stars who you will see in these cam shows are absolute icons of the porn industry and have the greatest tits out there. big-fat-tits


Each of the girls, whom you will see in the Big Tit cams, will have something unique to offer to your eyes and senses. Lucy Wilde, for example is a porn star who is quite new to the industry but at her young age only she has blossomed into a woman having the biggest of the boobs and also has a waistline which is the envy many women.

Even the girls, who featured in these cams and are now retired from the business, are equally inviting and playful to look at. Every month or rather week new additions are made to the porn industry across the world. As a result of this, the different forums need to remain alert always and report about their findings straightaway. The porn stars that do the big tit cams and have slender waists are instantly liked by men from all over the world. Hence cams featuring them also have high selling value and get the most attention on these cam sites.


The big tits girls who rule over the cam industry are well known in forums.  A lot of these also will do porn and some strip or even become escorts. Imagine getting an escort which is also a big titted cam girl you once viewed!

In short, guys love big tits and girls know it. That’s why on porn sites, cam sites and the like you will see big tits everywhere because that’s what attracts the men. Even women like to look. Not because they get turned on (well maybe, that’s hot) but because they are envious of another womans body. Especially if she’s got big guns!

So whether you like fake boobs or real boobs, chances are you like them big.

So does the rest of the world.

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avn entertainment awards

Adult Fun at the AVN Awards

What do you need to know about AVN Adult Entertainment Expo?

(AEE) AVN Adult Entertainment Expo is pure adult porn entertainment which is generally held in January in Nevada Las Vegas. It’s supported by AVN magazine. AEE is considered as biggest explicit entertainment industry exchange show in the USA. The AVN Expo in 2007 had more than 30,000 participants, which incorporated 355 displaying organizations. avn expo


AVN Adult Entertainment Expo is known to be a four-day show that blends industry-just occasions with the open hours for the fans looking for signatures, photograph opportunities, and memorabilia. The initial two days are “Exchange Only” (with the access constrained to individuals in the grown-up industry), and the rest of the show incorporates open hours for the fans. The best part of AEE is that a large portion of the real adult amusement stars shows up. AVN Awards are displayed on show’s end night.


Until 2012, AVN Adult Entertainment Expo was generally held at Sands Expo and the Convention Center simultaneously with Consumer Electronics Show (CES). In the year 2012, AEE was held at Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel and the Casino on 18th–21th January, just one week after 2012 CES to assist exhibitors with minimizing travel costs and expand organizing opportunities.

In 2013, fifteenth yearly AEE was again held at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in the Las Vegas and 2014 AEE was basically held on January 15-18 at the same place.


1998 AEE and the Awards are subject of the David Foster Wallace’s article the “Neither Adult nor Entertainment”, distributed in the Premiere and then later republished and reached out as “Large Red Son”, first paper of his gathering Consider Lobster.

The necessities of AVN Adult Entertainment Expo

There are various things that you are required to bring with you in case if you want to visit this festival.

  • Camera

Nobody will overlook cameras. In this expo, guests are likely to see more attractive babes than you could envision and the main thing you need to get ready is strong batteries. As there are supposed to be a million individuals in the Expo, this is ideal to bring an SLR along with you. Obviously a DV is great.

You truly require this particularly if you enter into the Expo as a typical guest.  There are so many porn stars, so many hot chicks running and walking and bending over all over the place. Without a camera you are a damn fool! lol.. Be careful though, some don’t want you to take pictures so do them a service and ask first if it is ok.Sami Slider

  • Wear comfortable shoes

It’s an absolute necessity for each guest, barring the individuals who aren’t keen on walking a lot. Consider how much there is to see and you will make sure you dont want to miss any of these hot chicks!

  • Bring your young lady

To bring or not to bring, that is the question. If she’s bisexual and hot then you will wanna bring her. Maybe she will get to know one of the porn stars and get her number. Imagine that!  This may be a risk for your relationship, however in the event that your young lady can’t acknowledge this, reconsider before you do this.

But what the hell. Just do it. Or if you’re single, you’ll probably have a better time :)